“Capvidia attends SIMULIA Benelux RUM at Eindhoven during 23-24 November 2017. Wojtek Zietak, Service & Support Executive at Capvidia, will be presenting "Fluid Structure Interaction in a Beating Human Heart Model" which mainly consists of coupled FSI simulations tasks realized for the Living Heart Project leaded by Dassault Systèmes 



About SIMULIA Benelux RUM


The new release includes many changes that were implemented into the program as a feedback to 30 requests from users. So we hope that FlowVision 3.10.01 will be more user-friendly.

new mesh 2

Here are just some of the requested changes in the program:

  • Captions (legends) for palettes
  • The boundary condition, which allows you to set a fixed profile of velocities
  • Controls for customized displaying plots in the monitor window
  • The status tab now contains additional fields: number of cells of the boundary layer grid, values of convective and surface of the time step, etc.
  • Now you don’t have to install MPI if use of FlowVision is assumed to be used only on one processor.
  • Now it is possible to visualize streamline on surfaces.
  • You have to do much less mouse clicks when working with Terminal.
  • New variables have been added, Reference Pressure and Reference Temperature.
  • A new layer, Computational grid section, now can be displayed by the Viewer module.

Capvidia participated in the 3rd annual Living Heart Project Members’ Meeting held in 15th May 2017, Washington DC, USA organized by Dassault Systemes.


The Members’ Meeting provided a platform to connect members, share perspectives, challenges and goals, and identify complimentary approaches and technologies. Thanks to the attendance of a wide audience including distinguished speakers from US Food and Drug Administration and leading institutions such as West Virginia University Cardiac Innovation Heart and Vascular Institute, the event served as a leading forum for illustrating and setting the translational course for Cardiovascular Care through advanced simulation technologies.

lhp meeting 1

May 15 – 18, 2017, Chicago, IL – Capvidia participated as an active sponsor of the Simulation Community Conference “Science in the Age of Experience 2017” organized by Dassault Systemes SIMULIA.

saoe 1

Presentations covering simulations performed by Abaqus – FlowVision FSI approach:

  1. Fluid Structure Interaction in a Beating Human Heart (Capvidia NV & 3DS SIMULIA)
  2. FlowVision & Abaqus 2-Way Strongly Coupled FSI Simulation of Automobile Tire Aquaplaning (KENDA Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd. & Samwell Testing Co. Ltd.)

May 9 – 12, 2017, İstanbul – AKANA Mühendislik, Capvidia business partner and FlowVision CFD software representative in Turkey, participated at IDEF’17.

idef 2

During the fair; Akana stand (#1408) has been open to visitors in Hall 14. An international community of design and simulation engineers from various defence companies have visited the stand for gaining insights about unique capabilities of FlowVision CFD software and its applications, mainly in the defence industry.

The “Elbrus” logistics support ship, build at the shipyard ‘Severnaya Verf’, has been launched to sea on May 15, 2017. FlowVision CFD software has been used as a virtual hydro channel and wind tunnel for evaluation and optimization of hull form design.

Engineering design and simulation specialists from companies Digital Marine and JSC Spetssudoproekt conducted CFD simulations of Elbrus including hydrodynamics and aerodynamics effects on ship hull, also examining the operating conditions of helicopter on the ship deck (analogous to wind tunnel tests).


External aerodynamics including deck during ship motion


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