Dr. Sung, Green Eco-Tire Design Center, KENDA, 2016

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CAPVIDIA FlowVision–Abaqus numerical solution is really working for tire wet grid design in practical with high accuracy and performance!!!

Thanks to the well-developed technology of FlowVision; the basics of a classical CFD project workflow is changing...

While developing and improving FlowVision; our main intention is allowing simulation engineers to focus on the physics of the case which is the essential objective of their work. On the other hand, classical CFD approaches and workflows leave engineers with no choice but make a great effort for geometry manipulations, meshing and similar tasks which are not the end but means of an engineering analysis process.

FlowVision is a general purpose, highly comprehensive CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software that has been continuously developed since 1991 by an exceptional team from Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1994, the cooperation has been founded between Capvidia NV (Belgium) and ТЕСИС (Russia) and the first commercial version of FlowVision has been released in March 2000. Since then, accompanied with the advances in processing technologies and high level of computational requirements in engineering area; FlowVision HPC (High Performance Computing) has acquired the status of an indispensable fluid flow simulation technology for many designers all around the world.

Commercial Licenses

Modular structure of FlowVision allows selection among a variety of configurations to match your simulation requirements. License pricing depends on the physical modules (FV functionality), number of parallel solving capabilities (FV performance) and type of license: annual or perpetual.